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Part 1 – Curiosity – Becca, Alex and Pierce sit down with their mentor to discuss why they would like to learn to hunt.


Part 2 – The Range – The new hunters learn the basics of firearms from Ben who is a certified firearms safety instructor.


Part 3 – Walking The Woods – Pierce and Alex go on their first hunt with Mark. Becca goes squirrel and rabbit hunting with Mark’s friend Jamie.


Part 4 – Scouting – Becca, Alex and Pierce go on a field scouting trip with Ryan who is a biologist.


Part 5 – Deer Camp – The big day has finally arrived. All three of our hunters head into the woods of Minnesota to find a white-tailed deer that they can harvest.


Part 6 – Harvesting Meat – Pierce and Alex get an opportunity to process a deer with their firearms instructor Ben and to understand how an animal becomes meat.


Part 7 – The Feast – Our three new hunters and their mentor Mark are invited to the house of “Wild Game Jack” for a feast. They reflect on their journey into the world of hunting and how they plan to move forward and continue learning to hunt.


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