Awaken The Hunter Within (Part One Released)

Awaken The Hunter Within Part One

Today we launch our feature film Awaken The Hunter Within Part One. We will release the six remaining parts of the film every Friday over the next six weeks so you can follow the journey of Becca, Pierce and Alex as they explore the world of hunting. If you’d like instant access to all seven parts of the film right now just complete the form below and we’ll send you an all-access pass. There’s no cost for the pass and you’ll be able to watch it for the next 72 hours.

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Watch Awaken The Hunter Within Part Two of film here.

Transcript of Awaken The Hunter Within Part One:

Narrator: 00:19 For countless generations we were part of the natural world. The hunter was celebrated across cultures as a provider. He would set out each day to take a life so that he and his family could continue theirs. It was honest, respectful and connected to the land and water. The soul of that hunter still lives within each one of us and a new generation is searching for this timeless connection that feeds the soul and the body. They hear the faint call of the hunter from the past to once again look honestly at death and it’s undeniable connection to a life worth living .

Mark: 01:45 One of the things I wanted to do this evening is obviously getting the three of you to learn a little bit more about each other. When it comes to hunting and getting into hunting, and it’s important to have that camaraderie of others that are either experienced or are learning also. If you could each just sort of share with the group a little bit of your background and what brought you to this place of making the decision to want to start to hunt.

( Awaken The Hunter Within Part One)

Alex: 02:12 My entire Dad’s side of the family are all farmers and so I’ve been kind of exposed to farming and livestock and cattle from a very young age and so I’m, no, I’m no stranger to having meat from a cow that I, you know, I know the name of, but I was never really part of the process of harvesting the animal. That was all done by a different side of the family

Becca: 02:32 Back in 2001 my own health started falling apart and I started reacting to foods. Ultimately it led me into wanting to know a little bit more, going down to the root of how it all works out in nature and perhaps going back into the nomadic hunter and gathering.

Pierce: 02:54 So I grew up born and raised in very urban areas, Chicago and Milwaukee, and now I live in Minneapolis and I’ve always loved being able to escape (the) like urban jungle sort of thing and immerse myself into nature. My desire to hunt has really come from that love of nature and being able to go from being (a) more of an observer to more of a participant, but doing so in a way that really respects the integrity of the animal and all that stuff. My name is pierce and I want to hunt so I can go from being an observer to a participant in the natural ecosystem.

Becca: 03:38 My name is Becca and I want to start hunting because I’ve been a forger of vegetation and I now want to have the full circle experience by learning how to live off the land completely including animals.

Alex: 04:01 I’m Alex. I want to start hunting because I want to learn more about the culture surrounding it and be truly aware of where my food’s coming from.

Awaken The Hunter Within Part One