The Much Maligned Goose

Of all the wild game targeted by hunters, the ubiquitous goose stands out as one often maligned by many. “Flying rats!” I’ve heard them called, and other even less savory terms have been used.

There are six species of goose that breed in North America, but the most popular and recognizable is arguably the Canada goose. With population charts of recent years that mostly resemble hockey stick graphs of increasing numbers, this waterfowl has been a popular target of hunters. With increasing numbers there are many opportunities to hunt the birds, and you may be surprised just how wonderful they can taste when prepared properly.

Where To Start

I went on my first goose hunt as a young child with my dad and brother in the famous Lac Qui Parle county of western Minnesota.  We were fortunate enough to down a Canada goose in days when the numbers  were far fewer than they are today. This gave a kick-start to my journey into the world of waterfowl hunting and I’ve never looked back.

While fortunate enough to start waterfowl hunting at a young age I’m happy to see adults who’ve never chased birds before get interested in this type of hunting. If you’re new to hunting geese here are some tips for getting started from Bass Pro Shops.

Mark from Modern Carnivore at age 5 with his dad on a first goose hunt

Author with Dad on his first goose hunt.

This Goose Is Cooked

Modern Carnivore is proud to present Jamie Carlson and Jack Hennessy on August 31st at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. Jamie writes the blog You Have To Cook It Right and Jack has a blog titled Braising The Wild. They share their love of cooking wild game on these blogs as well as in many national publications and events. At The Fair they will share their tips and tricks for preparing some excellent meals with wild goose meat, but if you can’t make it out to the fair, here are some of the details they’ll be sharing with the audience.

Jack Hennessy – Goose Leg Barbacoa Tacos from Braising The Wild

Jamie Carlson – Goose Breast Pastrami Sandwich

Goose Pastrami Sandwich with Smoked Whitefish/Wild Rice Salad at Camp Chef Cook-off

Goose Pastrami Sandwich on toasted wild rice bun with smoked whitefish and wild rice salad.

Jamie writes a regular column in Outdoor Life. His recipe for goose pastrami was featured as a post this last spring and also took second place in the Camp Chef Cookoff that was held in Missoula, Montana. Look for more recipes from Jamie at You Have To Cook It Right.

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Mark Norquist is Publisher and Editor of Modern Carnivore. He's spent a good part of his life outdoors. He has a passion for hunting, fishing, foraging and eating healthy food.