Hunting Maine with Brent West – Outdoor Feast Podcast EP:23

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On this episode of the Outdoor Feast Podcast, Todd sits down with Brent West.  Brent is the executive director of the High Peaks Alliance and a proud resident of Maine.  The High Peaks Alliance is a volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 2007 and made up of outdoor lovers of all types.  The Alliance comes from many different backgrounds, hunters and non-hunters alike.  In general, their main goal is to work together to ensure public access in the High Peaks region of Maine.  Maine has a remarkable 17 million acres of forest.  Previously, much of this land was private ground open for public access.  However, this access has been limited recently due to the land owners finding upkeep and maintenance with public use to be too big a task.  For this reason, Brent and the High Peak Alliance are working hard to open this land back up for public use.

Brian West Podcast Outdoor Feast EP23

Brent West and a display of his harvest.

Brian West Outdoor Feast Podcast

Brent West with Steve Smith and Ryan Callaghan in Maine.




Todd and Brent start by talking about Brent’s background growing up and how it shaped his career.  According to Brent, there are many great upland bird hunting opportunities in Maine.  However, not many people are aware of this.  But Brent is no stranger to sharing them with those who want to learn.  Brent was recently featured on an episode of “Cal’s Week in the Field” by MeatEater.  During this episode Brent shares with Cal the wonders of Maine Woodcock and Grouse hunting.  You can watch that episode HERE.







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