…about issues with the current industrial production of meat.


While it’s not always easy to see, our food system has been going through dramatic changes over the last several decades.  It’s resulted in an industrialized production system that often times creates great efficiency and low prices, but reduced quality and possibly even health risks.

I thought beef cattle always ate corn?

This system is producing most of our food, including the meat on your plate at dinner last night.  When a person hears the words “corn fed beef” it can sound really great.  But the reality is that cattle are not built to eat grains like corn, and when they are fed corn it can create health issues and other challenges.

But isn’t meat unhealthy and bad for the environment?

Unfortunately, much of what we hear in the current conversation on healthy and sustainable lifestyles is that eating meat is bad, and that a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is what we should all aspire to.  There are definitely problems with meat production in the industrialized system we’ve created, but there are other options for those who want to acknowledge the mere fact that humans are omnivores/carnivores and that a healthy diet must include meat.  There is great  marketing and awareness of healthy products made from fruits, vegetables and grains, but there is a lack of good information to connect people with healthy options for eating meat.

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