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Transcript of Awaken The Hunter Within Part Three:

So are you ready for your first time? (yea) Awesome. So we’re gonna chase after some grouse and maybe some woodcock today. We’re up in the northwoods here in Minnesota. This is my family hunting shack where I grew up hunting. So it’s fun to bring you here. So we’re just going to go watch some trails, walk some woods where there’s some aspen or poplar, some area where we know it’s good habitat for grouse. Let’s grab the guns and we will get ready to head out here.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to push through this section of woods here. Alex, I want you to be in the middle and out front just a touch. We’re going to move at a fairly slow pace. About every 50 yards or so we’re going to stop. I want you to listen for (what) could be a little peep-peep

sound of the grouse or it could be a little bit of a ruffling of the feathers as he’s walking when you see a bird. But what we’re going to want to do is go and move towards it to flush it and when it jumps in air, that’s when we’ll take a shot.

We’re right over here in this section, right on the edge of it. So, if we orient it, it’s sort of like this.

Okay guys. Well, we didn’t see any birds, did we?

No We did not.

Let’s take a little lunch break. This is fresh antelope, literally killed less than 48 hours ago in Wyoming. We’ll make some fajitas, and then head on out.

There he is. Woodcock! Cycle. Cycle.

It’s the end of your first hunt. The sun is setting. A little bit of excitement here at the end. So we flushed the grouse earlier and then just now.

Yea, I saw a woodcock. So the first flush I heard it back over my left. Was it, was it near you? Yea, so it was right in front of Pierce. First one was the first time. Yep. Okay. And then I flew out into the road in front of me and I got to shout off on it and it kind of swirled around the corner. Well, a little bit of excitement. We didn’t get anything in the, uh, in the game bag. But uh, what do you think? What do you think of your first day?

It’s a lot of work. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

It’s good exercise.

Let’s head on home and get ready for the next adventure.

Sounds like a plan.

Hey Jamie.

This is Becca. Becca, this is Jamie. Nice to meet you. So Becca, Jamie is a wild game, cook of the highest order, he does everything from venison to goose, turkey as well as rabbit and squirrel. And so this is an area where he’s hunted a lot and I’d like you to go out with him and uh, and try to try to see if we could maybe shoot a rabbit or a squirrel as your first animal and also get more comfortable with the gun as we head into and prepare for our big deer hunt here in a couple of weeks. So I’ll let you two get at it. And Jamie, I appreciate you helping out here and have fun. We’ll catch up with you later. All right, sounds good.

So I want you to think about this as deer hunting on a smaller scale. Where with deer hunting you would go out and sit in the stand, maybe sit on the ground someplace in a ground blind, wait for a deer to show itself and then shoot it with, you know, a rifle or shotgun, usually using a scope. We’re going to do that here only on a smaller scale with squirrels. We’re going to go find a spot under an oak tree, sit down and wait for squirrel to show itself and then hopefully get a shot.

Well, what’d you think?

It was fun. I just wish I had gotten a squirrel or two.

Yea, well we saw two, but both of them disappeared on us in a hurry. The one, it was interesting sitting behind you. It never moved. It just sat there. But it blended in really well with the tree and then the other one ran and distracted. And then the other one sat still and you couldn’t find it, but that’s just the way it is. A little bit of practice and you’ll get it. What I always say is when you find it, and you see it, look for a landmark on the tree or on the ground, and then try to find that landmark because they won’t move on you. And then scan out from that landmark and you’ll find the squirrel. Sometimes you get a shot and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you switch over to a shotgun where it’s a little easier to get on them and just shoot them.

Well, I learned a lot today, so it was worth it.

Good. Are you ready to head out?

Yea, let’s go.

Awaken The Hunter Within Part Three

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