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Transcript of Awaken The Hunter Within Part Two:

Mark:               00:01 Hey Pierce.


Pierce :            00:02 Hey Mark.


Mark:               00:03 This is Ben.


Ben:                00:05 Pierce, nice to meet you. I’m Ben. He just came to see you.


Becca:              00:08 Nice to meet you Ben.


Ben:                00:09 Alex, nice to meet you.

( Awaken The Hunter Within Part Two )

Ben:                00:11 Well, welcome to the range. We’re going to show you guys a little bit about some hands on firearms and shooting and some firearms basics. The range rules here are all firearms are going to be pointing down range. Don’t put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. You’ll want to treat all firearms as if they’re loaded. Don’t cross over someone or flag them with the muzzle. You’re not pointing at them. We want all of our rounds to hit the target or the backstop. There’s also going to be a line of fire that you don’t cross it unless you’re shooting. So when we’re shooting the line of fire will be the edge of the table here. We don’t cross that unless we’re shooting. Here we have our firearms. On this end here we have a .22 long rifle, but it’s a lever action rifle with open sights. Here we have a .22 semiautomatic, so every time I pull the trigger it loads a round automatically. And then we have some shotguns; over-under, side-by-side. Here we have a pump action and the pump action is where you move the fore-end back and forth to cycle the action.


Becca:              01:22 My interest in today would be having the opportunity to shoot multiple rifles and shotguns and really just being able to see the ammunition.


Ben:                01:37 Here’s a .22 long rifle and that little thing can go over a mile and that’s why we’re always talking about safety. Here’s a 12 gauge slug.


Pierce :            01:48 It’s like a rim load?


Ben:                01:51 That’s a rim fire. And then on this, on these two, these are centerfire, so the primer is in the center and that’s where the firing pin hits, which detonates the round. And then here’s a .270, but that’s a centerfire rifle. Go ahead and pick a set of glasses and some ears and then when you’re ready, pierce, you want to step over and grab one of the .22s to start with?


Pierce :            02:19 I had no idea how a gun really operated so that was fascinating to learn more about. I’m a little apprehensive about what unknown emotional or psychological barriers may present themselves while shooting the different firearms.


Ben:                02:41 So, Pierce here, we’re going to set up and get you to, uh, be ready to shoot the .22. We’re going to aim for the, uh, left balloon down there. So why don’t you sit down and line yourself up and then we’ll load up the rifle. Bring it up to your shoulder a little higher.

( Awaken The Hunter Within Part Two)

Pierce :            03:03 How is that?


Ben:                03:03 It looks good. How does it look for you? Are you lining your rear sight and your front sight up?


Pierce :            03:09 Yes.


Ben:                03:25 Perfect.


Ben:                03:26 Try aiming a little bit higher and to the right.


Ben:                03:32 Go ahead and try again. You have one more round.


Ben:                03:43 Good job, Pierce.


Ben:                03:49 Whenever you’re ready, you can let us know which target you’re going to shoot at. Take it off safety, which is forward and acquire your sight. As you’re squeezing the trigger, exhale slowly through your nose or pursed lips and slowly put pressure on the trigger. Perfect.


Ben:                04:21 Okay guys, now we’re going to switch to a slug gun. This is what you’re going to be using for deer hunting, and this one’s a Remington with a scope. I’m going to shoot it first to show you guys how it looks, and then we’ll go from there.


Becca:              04:52 I don’t want to shoot that.


Ben:                04:52 Who’s going to be next? Alright Alex there’s a round right there. (I’ll step over here.) Why don’t you look down the scope and get a sight picture first.


Alex:               05:10 The range day in my mind is this first real hurdle, real event that kind of makes it real.


Pierce :            05:15 [Pierce] Personally, I’ve had an exposure to firearms that involved firearms being presented in a very violent way, never for a recreational purpose. In some ways I’m kind of scared.


Ben:                05:29 [Ben] Breathe.


Pierce :            05:34 We’ll see what happens.


Alex:               05:41 [Alex] Pull.


Ben:                05:44 Nice shooting.


Alex:               05:45 Thank you.


Ben:                05:55 Good shooting position. Lean forward into it. Push your shoulders forward? There you go.


Ben:                06:02 You can keep both eyes open. It makes it easier. Yep.


Mark:               06:16 How is today?


Alex:               06:18 It was great.


Becca:              06:19 It was really good.


Mark:               06:20 So Pierce, what was your most favorite part of the day?


Pierce :            06:23 I’d say the most memorable element was really taking some of the images and things that we picked up online about different types of safeties and different types of breaks and chambers and different actions. Being able to manipulate that personally, and I found that to be really memorable and enjoyable.


Mark:               06:40 That’s good. You’ve got a great start of grasping that. Becca, what was your most memorable moment for the day?


Becca:              06:48 Well, the kickback…the recoil.


Alex:               06:55 It was fun just getting your hands on a variety of of guns. I got to shoot a 30-6 for the first time that I was a lot of fun. The 12 gauge slug. I shot that a couple times. That was intense.


Mark:               07:08 Well, I think we’ve gotten to the end of the day, so why don’t we head on home and we’ll get ready for our next adventure.

Awaken The Hunter Within Part Two

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