Independence Day is almost here which means many people will be firing up the grill for a celebration with family and friends. While your freezer may be vacant of last season’s wild game you have other avenues for feasting. Grilling grass-fed beef from a local rancher can be a great option to satisfy your needs.

So, what’s the best way to grill it? Watch this video with Chef Lukas Leaf where we have a little fun on the farm. He’ll share the tips and tricks for grilling the perfect grass-fed beef steak over hot coals.

For more information on the best ways for grilling grass-fed beef, and other recipes, check out the American Grassfed Association (AGA) as well as their list of Tips for Cooking Grass-fed Beef.



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Mark Norquist is Publisher and Editor of Modern Carnivore. He's spent a good part of his life outdoors. He has a passion for hunting, fishing, foraging and eating healthy food.

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