Wildlife Biology, Research and Hunting with Mandy Bailey & Tim Watson

Outdoor Feast Podcast by Modern CarnivoreIn Episode 5 of the Outdoor Feast Podcast by Modern Carnivore, Todd is talking with New York Department of Environmental Conservation wildlife biologists Mandy Bailey and Tim Watson. This conversation was recorded in Albany, NY in November 2019. Mandy and Tim talk about their wildlife biology careers and how that’s influenced their hunting journeys. Mandy has worked from Florida to Maine to New York. Tim has done field work from California to Wisconsin to the Adirondacks. We’re talking about Mandy’s extensive work with migratory bat research and Tim’s field work studying northern forest fur-bearers like fisher and pine marten. Mandy shares how her career path shaped her hunting journey as an adult and offers advice for new hunters. Thanks for listening!

The Outdoor Feast has wildlife biologists Mandy Bailey and Tim Watson from New York. Listen to hear about the link between their careers, research and hunting paths Click To Tweet


Posted by Todd Waldron