Darkhouse Spearing in Minnesota – Modern Carnivore Podcast (EP:036)

The Modern Carnivore Podcast

This episode of the Modern Carnivore podcast takes place after a very fun, yet very cold darkhouse spearing trip.  A large cast joins Mark on this episode.  Firstly, we have Katie Burgert.  Katie is the host of the Fish Untamed Podcast and a first timer to spearing.  Next, is Alex Gorman.  Alex is the president of the University of Minnesota Club Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  Thirdly, we have John Kaczorek.  John is a writer for Modern Carnivore and has many good articles on our Hardwater Hunters Series.  Make sure to check those out below.  Lastly, we have Dave Gunther.  Dave is a retired educator and he has a passion for darkhouse spearing.


Darkhouse Spearing in Minnesota

The group gathered around a darkhouse.

This trip came about when Katie reached out to Mark about giving this awesome activity a try.  Mark, of course, said yes and so this small group headed up to North Central Minnesota.  During this trip they braved the freezing cold and gusty winds but were rewarded with some fish. Listen in to this great episode that is filled with laughs and even some fish.


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