Darkhouse Spearing

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If you haven’t heard of darkhouse spearing for fish I wouldn’t be surprised. While it’s literally the oldest form of fishing known to humans, it’s not the most popular fishing method these days. It is something that I’ve done my entire life. I harvested my first pike with a spear when I was just eight years old, and I can still remember the moment like it was yesterday.

MeatEater Producer Janis Putelis

In Episode 3 of the Fur Hat Ice Tour the MeatEater crew followed me and Janis Putelis on a darkhouse spearfishing adventure in north central Minnesota. We’re on the hunt for lake whitefish, but we’ll also take a northern pike if it comes through the hole. Chef Lukas joins us on the ice and whips up some amazing fish recipes which should soon be available on the MeatEater blog. Watch the episode now, and if you’re interested in learning more about darkhouse spearing there are links to several other posts and recipes below.

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Mark with his first pike from a darkhouse spearing trip.

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