Davin Brandt – Founder/Director of Minnesota Steelheader

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In today’s podcast I sit down with Davin Brandt who is the founder and director of Minnesota Steelheader. This non-profit organization’s mission is to “engage volunteers who share a common interest of conserving the Lake Superior steelhead, trout, and salmon fisheries on Minnesota’s North Shore tributaries while informinginspiring, and educating on the water, on-line, and in our communities.”

I met Davin while serving on the MN DNR R3 Council over the past year and I can’t say enough positive things about this guy. He truly cares for the resources on the North Shore of Minnesota and is passionate about introducing people to steelhead fishing. I hope you enjoy the conversation! You can also watch this podcast on Youtube and see Davin’s and my shining faces, if you’d like. Scroll below, or just click here to go to the Modern Carnivore Youtube Channel.

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Davin shares

  • Background of MN Steelheader (https://www.minnesotasteelheader.com/)
  • Origins of Great Lakes Steelhead, and current issues
  • How to get started fishing for steelhead yourself

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Davin Brandt – Founder of Minnesota Steelheader

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