Outdoor Feast Podcast by Modern CarnivoreWhat do farmers’ markets, mentoring and learn to hunt programs have to do with deer management? Matt Ross and Hank Forester from Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) talk with Todd this week about their popular Field to Fork program. Started in Athens, GA in 2016, Field to Fork is a learn to hunt program that now spans a dozen or more states, including New York. Hank is QDMA’s Assistant Director of Hunting Heritage Programs  and Matt is the Assistant Director of Conservation.

We discuss the origins of Field to Fork, showing up at farmers’ markets, working with Georgia R3 Coordinator Charles S. Evans and more. Matt and Todd both participated as mentors in the 2019 New York Capital Region program. We’re sharing personal stories and anecdotes about last year’s hunting season and offering tips for those interested in becoming mentors.

The Outdoor Feast has Matt Ross and Hank Forester from QDMA on the podcast this week. We're talking about their Field to Fork learn to hunt program, how to become an outdoor mentor and more Click To Tweet

Interested in learning about the hunter education requirements in your state? Check out Modern Carnivore’s interactive map page which provides a state by state resource guide – click HERE 

New York’s Capital Region Field to Fork Team – photo credit Matt Ross

Learning to Hunt Deer in the Adirondack Woods – photo credit Todd Waldron

Posted by Todd Waldron