New Hunters at Grouse Camp 2020 – Part 2

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I recently attended Grouse Camp 2020 in Eagle River, Wisconsin and got to talk with several new hunters. This is the second year that the Ruffed Grouse Society has held this event, and even though the heavens opened with a deluge of rain on Saturday evening a wonderful time was had by all. In this second set of conversations I talked with Alex and Delos Kohnhorst who went out hunting with Luke who was their mentor for the day. I also caught up with Mike and Dave Schwabe who are brothers that have hunted together for 30 years and are passionate about mentoring new hunters. And finally I talked with Jake Lindemann who is a new grouse hunter, and the founder of Chief Upland. I think you’ll really enjoy these conversations!

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Alex Kohnhorst - Modern Carnivore Podcast Episode 017 Grouse Camp

Alex Kohnhorst with his first American Woodcock

Brothers Mike and Dave Schwabe on the Modern Carnivore Podcast - Episode 017 - Grouse Camp

Hunting mentors and brothers, Mike and Dave Schwabe

Jake Lindemann Founder Chief Upland on the Modern Carnivore Podcast Episode 017 - Grouse Camp

Jake Lindemann, founder of Chief Upland

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