Northstar Bison – Ethical Bison Farming

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On this episode of the Modern Carnivore Podcast Mark chats with Sean Graese.  Sean lives in New Mexico where he is an avid elk hunter.  However, this conversation has a little bit different topic.  Sean is a Wisconsin native where his family owns a 100% grass fed bison farm.  This journey started when his mother (a dietician) and his father (a power lifter) were trying to find the best, nutrient dense, red meat.  Thus, Northstar Bison was born.  There are a few things that set this farm apart from the rest.  The first difference is they use a feeding system called rotational grazing.  This is a practice that simulates the natural movement of the bison across the land as they use up the available resources in a particular area.  The second difference, is use a practice called, field harvesting.  Field harvesting is when the farmer harvests the needed animal in the field with a firearm.  The practice helps to reduce stress on the animal because they are harvested in the natural habitat during their daily routine.  To learn more about Northstar Bison and Sean’s experience with these animals, listen in to our latest episode!

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