Ryan Busse – Author of Gunfight

The Modern Carnivore PodcastIn this episode of the Modern Carnivore Podcast Mark sits down with Ryan Busse. Ryan is the author of the forthcoming book Gunfight – My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America*. Ryan Busse is a former sales and marketing executive at one of the most respected firearms manufacturers in the country. In this memoir he shares his perspectives and personal stories about how the gun industry has changed over the years.

While Modern Carnivore has usually steered clear of controversial discussions, we felt that this was an important story to share. Ryan Busse has a unique perspective, as a kid who grew up on a ranch in rural America and then went on to be one of the leaders in the firearms industry. Listen in and then join us in a thoughtful conversation about the often-avoided topic of firearms and the role it plays in hunting, and our broader society.

Ryan Busse - Author of Gunfight

Ryan Busse, Montana Author. Photographed by Mandy Mohler of Field Guide Designs.

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