The MacGillis Brothers

The Modern Carnivore PodcastOn this episode of the Modern Carnivore Podcast, we have a story of the MacGillis brothers.  Their names are Pierre, Alex, and Jim MacGillis.  None of them grew up hunting, yet all found their own way to it eventually.  This podcast has their unique experiences of learning to hunt.  All three were brought to hunting for different reasons and at different times.  However, they all have stayed with it and have no plans on stopping.

During this conversation with Mark, they share their successes but also some of the times that hunting was very challenging for them.  This includes both mental and physical challenges.  Hunting can be both mentally and physically draining at the same time.  For example, blood trailing a deer that you have just missed your shot on.  Physically tracking through tough terrain, straining to see small amounts of blood can be very physically tiring.  At the same time, thinking about how you may have only injured the animal and the gut wrenching feeling you get while playing out possible scenarios in your head can be extremely mentally tiring as well.  This is only one of the many topics discussed with the MacGillis brothers during this episode.  Listen in to hear more!

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Posted by Matt Williams