Month: December 2021

Darkhouse Spearing Ice Chunks

Darkhouse Spearing – Beginner’s Perspective

As an aspiring outdoorsman, I want to try it all. You will find many people who like to specialize in a single pursuit, but that is not for me.  Follow...

/ December 30, 2021
Darkhouse Spearing Decoy

Melissa Shockman on Carving Decoys and Inclusion

Melissa Shockman on Carving Decoys and Inclusion Shipping day is Melissa Shockman’s favorite.  Each spear fishing decoy she sends out to a customer is deeply fulfilling.  On one level, shipping...

/ December 23, 2021
All Things Northern Pike

Scott Mackenthun on All Things Northern Pike

All Things Northern Pike The Expert Every mission needs an expert.  I know this because I was a kid in the 1990s, and, therefore, I learned a lot from action...

/ December 14, 2021

The Ice Is Calling

Perspectives on the cold temps that are starting to make ice on our northern waters

/ December 2, 2021