A Conversation with Andrew Zimmern

The Modern Carnivore Podcast

On this episode of the Modern Carnivore Podcast, Mark speaks with culinary expert and outdoor enthusiast, Andrew Zimmern.  Andrew is a Emmy award winning TV personality and chef.  He currently is the host of two television shows, What’s Eating America on MSNBC and Family Dinner that will soon be premiering on the new Magnolia Network.  In his most notable series, Bizarre Foods, Andrew travels the world exploring different cultures and traditions through food.  These explorations have shaped Andrew’s perspective on food and made him into the person/chef he is today.  Andrew currently resides in Minnesota where he believe the opportunities to get outside, both for recreation and for food, are abundant.  Listen in as Mark and Andrew discuss some of their latest outdoor adventures.


Andrew Zimmern duck hunting

Andrew Zimmern Duck Hunting (photo credit: Travel Channel)

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