North American Non-Lead Partnership – Modern Carnivore Podcast (EP:035)

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On this episode of the Modern Carnivore Podcast, Mark talks with three representatives from the North American Non-Lead Partnership. This partnership is a formation of more than 40 entities across the country.  They’re a hunter-focused organization that is working to preserve the North American wildlife and hunting heritage.  They educate hunters about lead vs. non-lead ammunition in firearms.  The three gentlemen talking with Mark during this podcast are Leland Brown, Chris Parish, and Andrew Clare. They each spend a good deal of time growing the partnership, but all three still have typical day jobs.  First off, Leland works for the Oregon Zoo.  Secondly, Chris is from the Peregrine Fund.  Lastly, Andrew works for the Great Basin Institute.

The North American Non-lead Partnership takes a voluntary approach in switching to non-toxic ammunition.  Through raising awareness and educating hunters, they are trying to increase the usage of non-toxic ammunition.  These gentlemen are also hunters and it gives them pride to help lead others on this journey with non-toxic ammunition.

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