Outdoor Feast Podcast by Modern CarnivoreWade Truong and Jamie Carlson join us this week on the Outdoor Feast Podcast to share their incredible knowledge of wild food cooking. This episode was recorded at the 2020 Pheasant Fest in Minneapolis in February. Wade is a chef and a hunter/angler from Virginia who co-founded a social media platform called Elevated Wild with his partner Rachel Owen. Jamie is  Modern Carnivore team member based in Minnesota. You can find many of his recipes and blog stories here on the ModCarn website.

Wade and Jamie talk about what’s driving the modern wild food movement and share advice on how to improve your cooking skills. We’re also talking about garum, skates, cobia, northern pike, canned venison and more. Thanks for listening!

Check out Jamie’s post on “Wild Rice Potstickers” by clicking HERE

The Outdoor Feast has Wade Truong & Jamie Carlson on the podcast this week. They're sharing their incredible knowledge of wild food cooking - thanks for checking it out! Click To Tweet

Wild food chef Wade Truong doing a cooking presentation at Pheasant Fest 2020

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  1. Thanks for showing more ways to cook game meat. I am pretty good at using the game that we harvest as a family. However, sometimes we get in a rut and its the same recipes over and over. As with everything in life, variety is spice!

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